Scientists got access to data from the Large Hadron Collider

CERN decided to publish data from experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Scientists will release processed information that can be used for other research.

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) has opened access to more data from experiments with the Large Hadron Collider. According to the updated policy, the data will be released approximately five years after its collection, and CERN hopes to release the complete data set "by the time the experiments are completed."

CERN will make third-level data available, allowing anyone to carry out "high quality analysis" of information obtained from experiments at the LHC. Level 3 refers to "calibrated reconstructed data with a level of detail useful for algorithmic, performance and physics research."

The organization will not publish raw data yet. The open data policy states that this kind of data will not be useful to researchers, as it is not suitable for use without the device itself. This is due to the complexity of data, software and metadata, as well as the challenges of accessing huge amounts of stored information. Collider scientists also don't have access to the raw data. Instead, the collection of Level 3 data is "done centrally."

Nonetheless, CERN believes Tier 3 data could support research in particle physics. They noted that the dataset can also be used for scientific computational research. Scientists can "improve reconstruction or analysis methods based on machine learning methods." The organization notes that this approach requires large datasets for training and validation.

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