Heterostructured Materials Department (2314)

Main activities

Investigation of the interaction mechanisms of ionizing radiation with organic single crystals and heterostructured scintillators;
Development of new radiation-resistant heterostructured materials and light guides for high-intensity ionizing radiation detectors;
Development of new scintillation materials and detectors for registration over-low fluxes of ionizing radiation;
Study of the peculiarities of the mechanisms of neutron interaction with single-crystal, heterostructured and other scintillators, as well as the development of materials and detectors for recording neutron fluxes;
Improving existing and creating new devices for the detection of radioactive materials and prohibited for the movement of materials with the creation of modern electronic equipment with software;
Research of the basic possibilities of digital multi-energy radiography for use in various fields with bringing new scientific samples to the stage of their practical use.

Technological equipment


Head of department:

Anton V. Krech
PhD (Technology)
т. +38 057 341-03-18

Employees of the department:

Oleg. A. Tarasenko
Dr. Sci, senior researcher
т. +38 057 341-02-59
Nataliya L. Karavaeva
PhD (Technology), senior researcher
т. +38 057 341-03-18
Oleksandr D. Opolonin
т. +38 057 341-04-26
Sergii S. Minenko
PhD (Technology), researcher
т. +38 057 341-03-58
Igor V. Lazarev
PhD (Technology), researcher
т. +38 057 341-03-28
Evgeniya V. Martynenko
PhD (Physics and Math), researcher
т. +38 057 341-02-59
Sergii V. Makhota
Leading electronics engineer
Viktoriia V. Maksymchuk
Leading Engineer
т. +38 057 341-04-81
Yaroslava I. Polupan
Leading Engineer
Ilarion F. Khromiuk
Junior Researcher, PhD
Gennadii M. Onishchenko
PhD (Physics and Math), senior researcher