Postgraduate studies

At ISMA there are postgraduate and doctoral studies in the fo (llowing specialties:
105 - Applied physics and nanomaterials (ORDER 1622 about licensing in ukrainian)
132 - Materials Science (ORDER 940 about licensing in ukrainian)

Persons who have obtained a master's degree (educational and qualification level of a specialist) are admitted to study for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy on a competitive basis.

Postgraduate training of the Institute is carried out at the expense of:
  • funds of the State Budget of Ukraine - by state order;
  • funds of legal entities and individuals - under the terms of the contract - within the license volume.

Graduate students submit the following documents to the ISMA Admissions Committee:
  1. The application addressed to the director (Application sample)
  2. Personnel registration card with a photo;
  3. List of published scientific works and inventions. Postgraduate students who do not have published scientific papers and inventions, submit scientific reports (abstracts) on their chosen scientific specialty;
  4. The consent of the supervisor to guide the graduate training of the entrant and the response to scientific papers or abstracts; (Recommendation for entry_sample);
  5. Medical certificate of health according to form N 286-u;
  6. Copies of passport and identification code;
  7. A copy of bachelor's, master's (specialist) diplomas with indication of the acquired specialty (qualification) with appendices to diplomas;
  8. A copy of the military card (temporary certificate) or certificate of registration in the conscription station (for men);
  9. 2 photographs, size 30 x 40 mm;
  10. Application for consent to the collection and processing of personal data. (Consent to data processing_sample)
Passport and graduate degree given by an entrant personally.

Applications for admission to graduate school with all the above documents are accepted from August 15 to September 10 every day, except holidays and weekends.

Entrance exams are held from September 11 to September 30.

Admission to the entrance exams to graduate school is made by the Admissions Committee of the Institute based on the results of the interview of the entrant with the prospective supervisor, review of the abstract and submitted scientific papers, taking into account the opinion of the prospective supervisor.

All entrants to the graduate school of the institute pass the entrance exam in the specialty in the curriculum of the state exam for master or specialist in the relevant specialty, approved by the Academic Council of the institute and one of the foreign languages in the curriculum for higher education. If the entrant has previously passed the candidate exam, he is exempt from passing the relevant exam.

Based on the results of entrance exams to graduate school, the Admissions Committee makes decisions on each candidate.Enrollment in graduate school is carried out by order of the director of ISMA in accordance with the admission plan.

Postgraduate students who study full-time by state order and successfully complete an individual training plan:
receive a scholarship in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine;
have annual vacations lasting two months, which are included in the total period of study.
For gross violation of internal regulations of the Institute, unlawful actions, the failure without good reason of aт individual plan, graduate student may be expelled from graduate school.

Term of postgraduate study with a break from production is 4 years.

Start of postgraduate studies is on November 1.

More details on the rules of admission to graduate school ISMA - 2020 can be found here.

Additional downloads:
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Regulations on the ISMA Admissions Committee
Questions for the entrance exam ISMA_105
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Institute for Scintillation Materials of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
61072, Kharkiv, 60 Nauki Ave.
Head of graduate school: Vira Nesterkina  
tel. +38 057 341-01-73