Single Crystal Growth Technology Department (2302)

Main activities

  • Search for new oxide scintillators, their grows and characterization;
  • Development of technologies for growing large crystals;
  • Study of scintillation mechanisms in oxides, in particular, in crystals of solid solutions.

Technological equipment

  • Installations for growing crystals by the Czochralski method;
  • Equipment for growing crystals by Bridgman-Stockbarger method;
  • Furnaces for charge preparation and post-growth heat treatment of single crystals.

Head of department:

Oleg Sidletskiy
Doctor of Technical Sciences
т. +38 057 341-03-66

Employees of the department:

Iaroslav V. Gerasymov
PhD (Technology), Deputy Head of Department
т. +38 057 341-04-42
Serhii A. Tkachenko
Ph.D. (Technology), senior researcher
т. +38 057 341-04-42
Evgeny P. Galenin
PhD (Material science), Senior Reseacher
т. +38 057 341-04-69
Pavlo V. Arhipov
Researcher, PhD (Technology)
т. +38 057 341-04-42
Daniil O. Kurtsev
PhD (Technology), senior researcher
т. +38 057 341-02-52
Georgiy Ye. Trushkovskiy
Senior Engineer
Denys O. Kofanov
Senior Engineer, PhD
Viktoriia V. Galenina
Leading Engineer
т. +38 057 341-04-69
Ihor O. Shtykh
Senior Engineer
Mykola M. Slipchenko
Leading Researcher, Dr. Sci., professor
т. +38 057 341-01-13