Materials Luminescence Study Department (2307)

Main activities

  • Investigation of the fundamental mechanisms of scintillation processes in solids;
  • Improvement of scintillation detectors based on alkaline and alkaline earth halide materials;
  • Search for new luminescent media for registration of different types of radiation;
  • Development of technology for obtaining new luminescent materials.

Technological equipment

SpecordM40 Analytik Jena spectrophotometer (optical absorption in the range of 190-1100 nm);
FLS920 Edinburgh Instruments spectrofluorimeter (luminescence during photoexcitation in the range of 200-850 nm; kinetics of attenuation of luminescence during photoexcitation);
IRAffinity-1 Shimadzu spectrophotometer (optical absorption in the IR range 400-4000 cm-1);
Installations for measurement of thermal illumination in temperature ranges 80–500K and 300–700K;
Installation for research of photoconductivity;

Head of department:

Petro M. Zhmurin
Dr. Sci.
т. +38 057 341-02-69

Employees of the department:

Oleksandr V. Gektin
Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine, Dr.Sc.
т. +38 057 341-02-81
Nataliia V. Shiran
dr. sci., leading researcher
т. +38 057 341-03-67
Vadym D. Alekseev
PhD (Physics and Math), researcher
т. +38 057 341-01-76
Yanina A. Boyarintseva
PhD (Physics and Math), researcher
т. +38 057 341-03-67
Svitlana V. Neicheva
PhD (Physics and Math), junior researcher
т. +38 057 341-03-67
Yurii O. Gurkalenko
Junior researcher
т. т. +38 057 341-04-72
Oksana V. Yeliseeva
Junior researcher
т. +38 057 341-04-72
Lyudmila O. Miroshnichenko
Senior Engineer
т. т. +38 057 341-02-13
Dmytro A. Yeliseev
PhD (Technology), researcher
т. +38 057 341-04-72
Iryna O. Melnyk
Senior Engineer
т. т. +38 057 341-04-72