Research-and-Development Applications Division (2830)

Main activities

Introduction and improvement of research and scientific and technical developments in the cultivation and processing of NaI: Tl, CsI: Tl, CsI: Na, CsI, SrI2:Eu, ZnSe scintillators and plastic scintillators based on polystyrene;
Performing research experiments to improve the scintillation and optical characteristics of crystals;
Development of methods for obtaining composite scintillators with an optimal price-quality ratio, creation of bases for research and industrial production of inexpensive detectors for portal monitors, survey control devices, as well as large detectors for high-energy physics.

Technological equipment

Equipment for growing crystals by semi-continuous method;
Equipment for growing crystals by the Bridgman-Stockbarger method;
Installations for growing crystals by the garrison method;
Press for mechanical pressing of large single crystals;
Polymerizers for obtaining large scintillators based on polystyrene;
Raw material synthesis section for growing alkaline halide scintillators.

Head of department:

Oleksandr V. Kolesnykov
PhD (Technology)
т. +38 057 341-01-25

Employees of the department:

Volodymyr O. Tarasov
Dr. Sci., Deputy Head of Department
т. +38 057 341-03-92
Ihor I. Tavrovskii
PhD (Technology), senior researcher
Volodymyr I. Taranyuk
PhD (Technology), researcher
т. +38 057 341-04-96
Andrii G. Varych
Junior researcher
т. +38 057 341-04-96
Andrii S. Didenko
Leading Engineer
т. +38 057 341-06-12
Mykola V. Nazarenko
Senior Engineer
Tetiana G. Sibilieva
Junior Researcher
т. +38 057 341-04-37
Oleksandra O. Shpylynska
Junior researcher
Oleksand Yu. Grippa
PhD (Chemistry), senior researcher
т. +38 057 341-02-71