Nanostructured Organic Materials Laboratory (2315-1)

Main activities

Development and research of fluorescent nanomaterials based on organic dyes, such as:
    ordered luminescent nanoclusters of organic dyes (J-aggregates);
    micelles and liposomes of surfactants containing fluorescent molecules;
    nanoporous materials containing fluorescent molecules.

Technological equipment

Equipment for performing different spectral investigations at room and low temperatures.

Head of department:

Vladyslav V. Seminko
Dr. Sci., Senior Researcher
т. +38 057 341-04-87

Employees of the department:

Iryna I. Grankina
PhD (Physics and Math), researcher
т. +38 057 341-03-32
Nina O. Karpenko
PhD (Biology), junior researcher
Polina V. Pisklova
1st category engineer, PhD student
т. +38 057 341-04-87
Olga S. Sydorenko
PhD (biology), researcher
Yuliia I. Paziura
Junior researcher
т. +38 057 341-01-26
Galyna V. Dudetskaya
PhD (biology), researcher
т. +38 057 341-01-54